Oh No. Not again!

Those were the thoughts of the bowl of petunias in The HitchHikers Guide to Galaxy when it suddenly came into existance miles above Magrathea.

Oh No. Not Again was what my wife and I said when we came out of the house this morning to find that someone had vandalised the 93.

Not the windscreen this time.  Much more damage than that. They’ve taken a screwdriver to it by the looks of things.

The whole passenger side is damaged. A big deep scratch following the line of the front wheel arch, several scratches on both doors and a large scratch and a deep gouge on the rear wing. They’ve even taken the screw driver to the passenger door window and scratched that deeply and its special heat reflecting glass. As the car is metallic silver its not something I can patch up so someone will be picking up a very large bill, and knowing my insurance company who seem to find any excuse they can for not paying out for anything (I’m sorry – the sun came up this morning so we can’t pay out) it will be me picking it up.

The police will be coming round this evening to look at it but have already admitted that “There is nothing they can do to stop this happening again”. Well there is – they could actually start treating the scrotes round here as criminals rather than giving them a little slap on the wrists and saying “Don’t do that again”

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