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A very large but sneakily slow bot-net?

Anyone who runs a server is used to it to being attacked by compromised machines which target their SSH services, their web services and their email services. The attack on the email services takes two forms : either trying to … Continue reading

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The scum at Semalt are at it again

I got a lot of hits with a referrer of keywords-monitoring-your-success . com Lots of different IP addresses – all in Brazil… And guess what : yes its the scum at Semalt up to their old tricks again. Why can’t … Continue reading

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Final Proof that Semalt are rogue scum

This site, along with others I run, was swamped by traffic from Semalt in the past .  Today the following article came to my attention which just confirms what I think myself and many other people had realised – that … Continue reading

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Cheltenham – not a nice place to live

Got up this morning and found the 93 has been vandalised again So in the past 8 months: 93 – smashed windscreen 93 – dents in the roof from some scrote running over it 95 – smashed windscreen 93 – … Continue reading

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