Cheltenham – not a nice place to live

Got up this morning and found the 93 has been vandalised again

So in the past 8 months:

93 – smashed windscreen
93 – dents in the roof from some scrote running over it
95 – smashed windscreen
93 – smashed windscreen (and this time they left the rock behind in my front garden)

Cars parked on the road, only third party, no windscreen cover (thanks a bunch Tesco for lying to me)

£400-500 per windscreen.

So that £1500 paid out in the past 8 months to repair damage that the police show little interest in.

I report it- they want to know if I’m White English. I ask them is it going to make a difference to how they investigate it?

I think I manage to persuade them that as no other vehicle has been damaged its targetted against me or my cars or my wife.

Don’t expect the police to do anything¬† – they’ve no teeth any more and the scum who do this sort of thing aren’t afraid of them.

Can’t afford to repair the cars so will have to get rid of them and buy something cheap and nasty that I can do fully comp insurance on and if that car gets worked over then I’m going to be raising hell

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