There are some very interesting markings on the road outside our house.

Two nice long skid marks which start in the middle of the road, drift slowly over to one side and end at the back end of another vehicle which is a bit mashed.

Now our road is quite narrow, its wide enough for one vehicle to get down the middle with a car parked on both sides. The road goes nowhere and is posted at 30mph.

The skid marks are, at a quick visual estimate (based on the length of our canal boat), about 70 feet long. How fast does a car have to be going to leave 70 foot long skid marks on a road?

No doubt it was some piece of chavvy scum from Whaddon in a stolen car… it won’t be the first time that some moron has crashed on our road (someone clipped 3 cars once and then flipped the vehicle they were in).

I really do despair about Cheltenham sometimes…

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