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Totally lost for words

I use Akismet on this site to trap spam. But even if I didn’t and I just relied on manually approving comments what sort of stupid idiot pays people to post rubbish like the following: Obviously its junk and would … Continue reading

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The stupidity of spammers

I’ve been using spambucket as a junk email address for quite some time – this is first time someone has ever actually sent email to it. Any email that comes to this address is automatically flagged as spam and reported … Continue reading

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Capita still allowing hacking from their network

So several days after reporting to Capita that they had a compromised machine on their network what do I see but the same IP address come back and start doing exactly the same thing. A search on the internet shows … Continue reading

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So first it was the Chinese, then it was the Brazillians. Now its Capita trying to break into my site.

Capita – that company who the UK Government think can be trusted to run so much of our infrastructure can’t apparently stop their own network from being used to attempt to hack servers: – – [03/Dec/2014:01:22:43 +0000] “GET /wp/wp-login.php … Continue reading

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