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Its very odd how you don’t realise just how much you miss someone until they are not there. Kathy flew out to Maine on Saturday to spend Thanksgiving with her family. Its the first Thanksgiving since her dad died and … Continue reading

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This Hoover Sucks

Back in 2002 Kathy and I bought a Hoover AAA 140 washing machine. Hoover, a good name, so its going to be a good washing machine. Might last as long as my parents Hoover washing machine (aeons) or their Zanussi … Continue reading

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Things to do when you are unemployed

Well I’m still sort of offically employed : my last pay cheque arrives this Friday but I’m laid off. So I’ve been using an old Toshiba Satellite SA30 laptop running Ubuntu and its OK but its only a 640*480 display … Continue reading

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Last FM Widgets – updated

I’ve just upgraded this to support the “Include Friends Listening Now” on the Recent Tracks option. Version 1.7 can be downloaded here

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