Its very odd how you don’t realise just how much you miss someone until they are not there.

Kathy flew out to Maine on Saturday to spend Thanksgiving with her family. Its the first Thanksgiving since her dad died and she just had to be there for her mom. I usually go over but the cost of the tickets and things at work got in the way. As it turned out I had no job and some money so we could have tried to get a ticket at the last minute but we’d no-one to look after the cats and so I didn’t go.

Saturday wasn’t that bad because the morning was taken up with driving over to Heathrow and seeing her off and in the afternoon I helped my brother move a sofa bed – we were going to use his car and his roof bars but instead we slipped in into the back of the 95 Estate and delivered it to the Sea Scouts.

Then we went to The Greyhound and had a couple of pints which were both very good. You dont often see Dorothy Goodbody’s Wholesome Stout very often and so Nick just had to try it.

After that we stuck our head in at The Sudeley Arms which has been going through a rough patch recently, where we had a perfectly decent pint of Pride.

Then we made our way over to The Railway to meet up with the rest of Richard’s Stag Night party. We had a couple of beers there before heading to the Everest and then onto The Swan for a few final beers.

So Saturday sort of passed in a haze and Sunday I didn’t really do a lot because I was just tired. But last night it started to hit me and going to bed alone with just the cats keeping me company / waking me up, really got to me.

I had a lie in this morning and then spent some time tidying up the TV/HiFi cabinet in a vain attempt to rationalise the wiring in there. I repaired one of the doors which suffered from an unexplained breakage when mum and dad last stayed here. Not sure what happened but hopefully the glue will hold.

Kathy then phoned to chat and it really hit home then. It probably would be so bad if I was working but I’m not and I didn’t really have the motivation to do stuff today and it all piled up on top of me. Of course I know I can’t just sit round all week. I’ve got stuff to do round the house and if the weather holds up I might venture into the back “garden” and get rid of the leaves and some of the weeds.

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