Facing up to Depression

For the past few months I’ve been suffering mood swings and often they kick in without notice or warning. I’ve also got disrupted sleep patterns and find my self getting annoyed very easily – both with myself and with others.

I booked an appointment at the doctors and went in and I didn’t say the D word once but described all my symptoms and filled in some paperwork.

Diagnosis is that I’m suffering from moderate depression… I’ve got another appointment in a couple of weeks when I’ll be re-assessed and he’ll then look at prescribing medication or other possible treatments.

So there hasn’t been much work done on the Canalblogs code – so sorry about that.

I’ve been building up a new server and Ubuntu is totally different from Suse so its complete learning curve for me (apache is totally different).

We’re also thinking of moving house – getting sick and fed up of how the neighbourhood is going. I’m married to a US citizen so going and living in the US is always a possibility but Maine really doesn’t have much call for Oracle DBAs….

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