Someone, somewhere hates us

Early Friday morning (about 01:55) our car alarm went off.

I went down stairs and found that the windscreen had three holes in it. I deactivated the alarm and went and phoned the police and gave them all the details.

Got up in the morning and got a new windscreen booked for today.

Also booked a hire car because we were supposed to be going to Wigan for my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Found that there is also a hole in the roof. The psychopath who smashed the windscreen also rammed a screwdriver or similar pointed object through the roof.

So I phoned the police and updated and did sort of say that as I’d phoned 999 in the middle of the night (which is what the police had told me to do) I was a bit surprised that no-one had been to see me yet.

Police came round and talked to the neighbours and one of them heard our alarm go off, heard a car door slam and saw a white car leaving the estate at speed.

So the scum who are targetting our car aren’t even locals.

Police want to know if we’ve upset someone. We haven’t as far as we know but as the previous residents of this house are still telling places like Morrisons Supermarkets that they live here when they are stealing petrol from them it wouldn’t surprise me if they’ve told someone they owe money to that they live here and we’re being picked on. So if you’ve got a grudge against a member of the Green Family who run pubs.. THEY DO NOT LIVE IN MY HOUSE AND THEY DO NOT DRIVE A SAAB 93.

Of course my insurance company are being total bastards. Tesco say that the two events although they are obviously linked are totally separate and so that is TWO claims. Each claim has a £300 excess on it and will wipe out 2 years of my no claims.  Taken separately they probably wouldn’t count as enough to write off the vehicle but together they would.

So come February I’m moving away from Tesco car insurance because they’ve frankly taken the piss with my car insurance once too often.

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