What’s in a name?

There’s just something about the names of places in Maine: Perkin’s Cove, Nubble Rock, Cape Neddick, Cape Porpoise, Goat Island..

They sound like places out of a pirate story, but they’re all very real and we didn’t see a single pirate at all which was a great pity.

We had a very enjoyable and relaxing weekend down at Kennebunkport staying at the Nonantum Resort . Although it was a bit odd when we came back on Sunday and found that the main part of the building was in complete darkness and that there were only 4 cars in the Portside Lodge parking lot. I can’t remember when I was last in a pretty much empty hotel, and we were torn between running round the place causing havoc or holding a ghost hunt – but I suspect the main hotel building is the place to do that…. even if its a bit a long hike for Parasoc!

Some of the other big hotels were also locked up tight, “The Colony” was all in darkness apart from some outside lights, and there was no indication of any caretaker there for the winter, so at least there wasn’t going to be a Shining style incident, even if the hotel did look similar to The Overlook in some aspects. But we all agreed that being the over-winter caretaker in a hotel would actually be quite interesting and fun. So if you own a Maine Coastal Hotel and want some winter housekeepers……..

We ate a couple of times at The Maine Diner which does really good food in a very uncomplicated way, in very simple but comfortable surroundings. So if you’re ever on Route One near Wells then I really recommend pulling in and eating there.

I nearly called this post “Goodbye Marginal way” but decided not to (which I’m sure is something you’re really grateful about). We’d been for a walk along Marginal Way after going down to Cape Neddick. The last time we’d been down to Cape Neddick the weather had been rather bad and getting out of the car was not something you really wanted to do, but this time the weather was a lot better and there were quite a few people there. There were quite a few people on Marginal Way too, taking advantage of the good weather to enjoy an afternoon walk along the coast and we took our time and took in the scenery and the sounds and Jeff and I didn’t even get splashed once in all our rock scrambling.

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