Eternal Salvation?

Do you seek Eternal Salvation? Do you?

I think we’re all used to Jehovah’s Witnesses turning up on our doorsteps in their sinister black suits looking like something from a Sci-Fi movie. I’ve often wondered if its worth asking if they have one of those nifty devices for wiping your memories like they do in MIB

But today the JW’s plumbed new depths for me. They were doorstepping the street and I was walking down the road with my Sainsbury’s bag grasped in my hand. I was walking with a purpose and one of them called out to me and asked me that question, then he asked it again and I found he’d actually come back down the path and was chasing me down the road.

Now I know we’re in a global recession but is it hitting the JWs?

“Brother, we have been looking at your performance figures and they are most disappointing. You need to up your catch rate by 25% or we will have to let you go”.

I ignored him and headed off and did my shopping. I dawdled in the fruit and veg section, working out that by the time I headed back they would be past my house.

But alas and alack, no they were not.

So I sneaked past them and got into my house and put the shopping into the fridge and then headed up stairs for a shower which I took my time over

Surely that would be long enough?

It would seem not, it looks like they managed to button hole a couple of the neighbours.

I’d been back downstairs about 10 minutes when the doorbell rang, so I ignored it.

Rude and impolite I know but hassling me on the street frankly is not on.

Sorry but my soul does not want saving today.

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