Hackety Hack

So what have I been up to?

I’ve been working on code for Pubnight and really just adding a few features to make things easier for people editing and adding information, basically Richard who has been hard at work on updating the site.

Part of the enhancement was easy, actually two bits were. I added two new custom tags to the Pubnight code which allow quick linking to beers and breweries. The other easy bit was adding a Rich Text Editor using the FCKEditor extension.

The hard part was adding extra functionality to the FCKEditor. I added a form which allows the easy selection and insertion of PNC Pub Digraphs and beer and brewery links. So now rather than having to remember that The Red Lion Inn, Market Drayton has a Digraph of RM you simply start typing the name of the pub and then pick it from a list. It uses the same code base as the canalplan codes function on here which is based on the same code Nick uses on CanalPlan. So that’s a good re-use of code!.

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