We had a good day in Worcester yesterday. As it was quite some time since the Gloucester pub Crawl we’d decided that we needed to do another pub crawl because they’re such good fun. We were supposed to be going to Bristol but the train service was a complete mess and so we went to Worcester instead.

Worcester proved to be quite a good choice for a pub crawl. Paul has picked a set of pubs but we threw him off the rails from the start by finding a pub that he didn’t have on his list. But we got back onto his plan after that pub and he’d managed to find a good set. We made a couple of adjustments and found another pub that he didn’t have on his list which did 4 very good beers including a “custom” brew from Mavern Hills.

We decided to head back to Cheltenham and have a curry and when we got to Shrub Hill we found that the train we wanted didn’t actually exist on the printed timetable and it had been cancelled anyway. But they did put us in a minbus which dropped us as the top end of the Gloucester Road back in Cheltenham. We headed off to Maheks for a curry but it was closed so we went to the Everest where we had to wait for a while but the food was good. It says something about the state of the world when the waitress in the Indian Restaurant is Polish!

After that Nick and I headed home and stuck our heads in at The Sudeley Arms where we had problems getting a beer because they were “closed” at 10:50. It seems the Landlord and the Brewery are not seeing eye to eye on something. So it may be that this pub closes again only a few weeks after re-opening which would be a great shame

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