Today is a good day…

To stay at home.

There is an afternoon of racing on at Cheltenham Racecourse – its the first meeting of the National Hunt season. So going anywhere by car than involves going over that side of town is a totally stupid idea.

But what is there on TV – build up to the Rugby World Cup final and coverage of the qualifying for the Brazilian Grand Prix.

And its not going to be much better this evening either – the Rugby World Cup is on and all the pubs will be full, especially with the Racing finishing a couple of hours before the rugby starts, which could explain why the Royal Oak is tickets only tonight.

So staying in the house and doing odd jobs seems like a sensible thing to do.

I’ve fixed the front door lock (which had managed to get jammed in the deadlocked position) and I’ve fixed the door latch on the inner door in the front lobby which should help keep the draughts out as that front lobby can get remarkably cold at night.

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