Internet Explorer… what a pile of Crap

For a change of scene I’ve been working on a set of Last.FM widgets which will allow you to dispaly Last.FM widgets in the sidebars on the blogs… and you should be able to see one there right now.

It was only during testing this that I found that my blog (i.e. this one) no longer displayed on Internet Explorer. For some reason it was crapping out on the GoogleMaps code. Which was odd as I’ve not got any GoogleMaps embedded in this blog.

The blog displayed fine on Opera, FireFox and Safari but produced half a page on IE 6 and then if you refreshed the page then it went blank.

After much checking of code I found it… During Development of the embedded Google Maps I’d hard coded a javascript tag into the header for this blog. It was still there and for some completely perverse reason having it there screwed up IE 6.

So I’ve taken it out and things are now working.

Well sort of – IE really gets it’s knickers in a twist if you put something into a div that is slightly wider than it should be, Everyone else ignores this but not IE, oh no, not IE.. no it reformats your page and shoves the whole column at the bottom of the page.

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