Weekend… what weekend

So its the weekend – those two days when you don’t go to work, those two days when you relax and don’t do the things that last week you said you’d do this weekend.

Ahh – if that was only the case.

I headed into work at 6:30am yesterday morning, worked through lunch and got home at about 7:30pm last night.

Then today, Kathy got up early to pop over to Richard and Michelle’s to feed Blackie (Kathy is cat sitting for them for the weekend) and then she went off with Nick, Colin and Linda to move Mintball over to Norbury Junction for some maintenance work.

I had to stay home as I had to work from 11am to 5pm.. OK today I could work from home so at least I got a couple of things done – I actually mowed the lawn which wasn’t as easy as it sounds, but at least Sooty won’t get lost in it again.

Talked to one of the neighbours about the houses going up behind us. The builders have ripped out the old GCHQ fence and the concrete covering over the culverted Rymans Brook. On Friday, after the heavy rain, there were several “springs” in what will become the garden of the house behind us.

It seems the concrete and the gravel and the large kerb edging GCHQ had put in place had been put in for a reason and that was to stop the surface run off from the site flooding the houses that we live in. Now there is MORE built up area on there than there was before, hopefully more of the water will go into new drains but……..

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