Colds and stuff

Well after the trip on the boat last weekend I went down will the mother of all colds. I was OK on Tuesday but by the time Wednesday rolled out I was feeing stuffed up and my throat was hurting.

Woke up on Thursday morning feeling like a train wreck : tonsils all inflamed, no voice, stinking headache, hot and cold sweats – the works. Spent half of the day asleep. Went to bed early and got up on Friday still feeling pretty ropey and all sweaty and clammy.

It seemed a shame to waste the weekend – its the first good one we’ve had for a bit and so many things needed doing: the front lawn needed mowing and there was stuff to do round the house but frankly I just didn’t have any enthusiasm.

Last night we went out to celebrate Richard’s Birthday – started with drinks at Laze Daze and ended up with a curry at Mahek’s which has become, amongst our friends, the favourite place to go for a curry.

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