When we first moved into the house back in 2002 there was a Telewest cable installation. We had it re-activated and used it for a bit. When we came to re-arrange the living room we asked Telewest how much it would cost to move the isolator box. They told us it would cost approx £100.

So we told them where to go and moved to Sky.

Sky installed the dish and everything was OK. Then over time the picture deteriorated. Sky came out and looked at the install – their response was basically “which idiot installed this – the dish is in the wrong place and the cable run is all wrong”. It was all ripped out and re-installed with the dish wedged right under the eaves and the picture got better.

That was a couple of years ago and the picture slowly deteriorated – blacks got very pixellated, signal went whenever it rained heavily, box kept crashing and rebooting.

So we ‘ve moved back to cable ((and having been told that I was “cutting off my nose to spite my face” by Sky I’ve no intention of ever using their services again)) … picture quality is spot on – no pixellation of blacks, no visible artifacts…. bliss.

We’ll probably take the dish and the box and see how well it works on the boat… will give better reception than the aerial! 😉

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