Smokey – a cat on a diet

The importance of being Smokey

This is Smokey – a middle aged Manx cat.

Smokey’s lifestyle seems to be based on that of Bagpuss and she loves nothing more to lie around all day doing nothing except eat, sleep and, of course fluff!

Anyway she was a bit overweight – OK so she was a lot overweight, like overweight by a couple of Kilos.

Today I took her along to her regular monthly weight check in out at the vets and she’s now under 5Kg : weighing in at a mere 4.9Kg.

The photo above was taken when I lived in my flat – which means its at least 5 years old now. She put on weight after that photo but now she’s much more svelte and I suspect she now weighs less than she did when the photo was taken.


Here is a recent photo, taken when she reached her “target” weight:


Shes now decided that my side of the bed is one of the comfiest places to lie. The other is, believe it or not, on the back of the chair (often when I’m sitting in it)

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