Netscape – what a bunch of Morons

No doubt others have experienced this on their blogs:

You have Trackbacks enabled and the trackbacks fill up with crap posted there by scum advertising drugs, pornography and so on. S

I’ve been having a lot of problems with crap advertising several sites on So far various netscape sites have accounted for over 190 trash trackbacks.

How to report it though – there is NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING on the main site covering how to report abuse like this – hell half the links don’t even work. Emails to various accounts at netscape vanish into black holes (or appear to, certainly they dont seem to remove the sites).

So I’ve black holed ANY trackback with in it – sorry if you have a site there but tough shit… if the people who run your homepages can’t get off their arses and fix things then thats your problem.. take it up with them.

The Same goes for google – I’ve been getting attempts (usually by scum in Korea (using Korea Telecom)) to send email to a specific gmail account. Its the only time I ever see them try to abuse my email server and the destination account when you search on google comes back with 400+ entries all related to attempts to abuse email servers. Its obvious that the email address is being used as a drop box to check for open email relays. Google have been informed about 10 times about this – they do nothing, they don’t give a shit.

Korea Telecom don’t give a shit either.

Of course the trackbacks are not displayed, and the IP address is blacklisted and not allowed to post again.

So if you are on the following list then tough titty- your machine is spamming – either because you know (in which case you are the lowest of the low) or your machine is compromised… so FIX IT

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