More Cheesy thoughts

This is a sort of a follow up to my previous entry about Cheese – specifically Americans and Cheese

I was over in the US for the past couple of weeks and had the rather unfortunate experience of eating some American cheese. Its not something I’m going to repeat in a hurry.

Lets take an example: Coopers Sharp Cheese. The only thing sharp about this was the blade on the cutter used to slice the stuff. Sharp cheeses should be tangy. This smelt, looked and felt like a Kraft Single – and if you know what those are then you’ll know what I’m taking about.

I also had some smoked “cheddar”. OK it was smoked – I’ll give you that. Smoked on the outside to the point of being more like a kipper than a block of cheese. The inside however was another story completely.

Ever eaten Candlewax? No neither have I but I suspect its rather like the smoked cheddar – waxy, bendable but brittle.

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