Hackers, crackers and other annoyances

My server was getting swamped the other day, checking into it I found that it was links from LiveJournal to a pic in my photo albums which someone had used to illustrate a tack poem. Livejournal users had then copied this poem round each other, and republished it – and every view was leeching the pic off my server.

Now I guess its a compliment that they liked my squirrel pic but it was used without permission and with no credit.

So I stopped it.. specifically that image cannot be accessed when the referrer URL is livejournal.

So then I started looking round and found lots of attempts to hijack awstats for hacking other servers. So I’ve put in a redirect based on IP to stop this happening.

I also tightened up my SSH logins – and record unauthorised accesses onto that (which populates the website black list).

Today I had some scum from Israel (specifically a user of Barak I.T.C) use a java application to post Viagra spam on my forum. So if you were on a few minutes ago – I saw you, deleted your post and blocked your IP.

Its sad that the internet is now full of people who try to break into, hijack or otherwise misuse other peoples resources.

Still thats the way of the world I suppose.

Oddly enough its THIS blog entry that the spamming scum keep picking on. I wonder why.

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