Stupid pages that have paid Facebook to be forced into my Page feed

The mobile browser news feed for Facebook includes a section featuring “sponsored” pages which they think you might want to like. You can’t hide this section but their selection criteria is totally crap..


So lets start with this – I drive a Volvo…. A super car it isn’t and I’ve no real interest in cars like this

Super Car Advocates?

I’m married – so no I do not need “Dating Advices” Facebook seems to have decided to push dating sites (Russian Brides etc.) to anyone it can… which I think says a lot about the morality of the people running the company.

Hopeless Romantic – or just hopeless?

I’ve no idea what Ceramic Pro Marine is. OK I have a canal boat but its a rather long jump from that to this.

Ceramic Pro Marine – Ceramic What?

Radio controlled aircraft for the serious hobbyist. Nope – that’s not me… that’s another page that has wasted money paying Facebook to promote itself to the wrong target.

Remote Control Aircraft

OK I said I was going to work on the electrics on the boat – but again one hell of a leap from there to this.

Electronics for Enthusiasts

No – I have absolutely NO idea how Facebook even thought of this one..

Because Everyone needs a portable sawmill

Its a holiday destination. I’ve never shown any interest in going and even if I had maybe putting out a page in English might be more sensible

Dominican Repulic Page
Dominican Republic Page
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