Spamming Fuckwits

It’s pretty obvious that spammers (i.e. the people controlling the compromised machines that are doing the work) are a bunch of stupid fuckwits…

This site gets between 10 and 20 spam comments a day… None of them have appeared because I use Askimet :


But they obviously never check that its working – mind you I guess they don’t give a shit, they’ve taken the money off the people selling fake NFL jerseys and fake pharmaceuticals so for them its money for old rope (hey – that’s an idea : lets sell Old Rope to people!!)

But the morons pushing out email spam are as bad:

not spam

Come on…. sending email to an address called spambucket is obviously destined for just one location : my spam bucket followed by SpamCop. The attachment was a rogue program – not that I use Windows so it wasn’t going anywhere anyway.

Sometimes they almost get it right – apparently PC world have an order for me :


All I needed to do was log into my PC world account and confirm details .. yeah right…. I’m just like everyone in that I order over £600 worth of computer without remembering… how anyone could fall for this I do not know.

Then there is the downright stupid and useless:


Lets make up a totally stupid email address and then use the first part of it in the body of the message..

The craziest thing is that THIS post (along with all the other ones I’ve posted about spammers in the past) will attract more spam comments than my other posts…

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