So long EE… and thanks for Nothing

I just posted this to EE’s wall on Facebook. I expect they will delete it… they are a company in complete denial.


Well its time to say goodbye to EE. I’d like to say I’m sad that I’m leaving but that would be a total lie.

The last 2 years with you have been a complete and utter farce.

I pay over £36 a month for a 3G service which constantly fails to deliver. The signal in my home post code has now been downgraded to “Your phone should work in limited outdoors and indoors areas. This is a guide only and not a guarantee of service, coverage will vary by location.” – and I live in a large town so this is hardly acceptable in 2014, although you apparently think it is as you seem totally unwilling to admit that there are any problems, or give any details for plans to improve the service. I have a phone which will sit on the coffee table and not ring but then buzz and tell me I’ve missed a call and then when I try to return the call simply refuses to connect, which frankly is useless.

For 2 years my bill has, every month, informed me that I have charges outside my plan. In 9 out 10 cases I didn’t have any charges outside my plan but I could never actually view my bills properly on line, and frequently I couldn’t even get into the billing system at all.

You put up the cost of my contract – but as I only had a couple of months to go till I was out of contract I didn’t bother doing about it but frankly that stinks, as does your latest scam – the “Pay us money and we’ll answer the phone”. If you got your contract prices wrong then that is YOUR problem… accept that you miscalculated things and take the hit rather than passing your mistakes onto your customers.

Customer services are useless and incompetent – Oddly enough it only took me 15 minutes to get my PAC compared to over 1 hour to renew my contract ( and another 2 hours when somehow you managed to send the phone to the wrong address ), plus the 3+ hours I spent trying to get you to restore my data connectivity when you removed it from my contract ( and tried to deny that I’d got a data enabled contract and wanted me to BUY a data bundle ) … and don’t get me started on the stupid things they’ve had me do to try to fix my on line billing which you must have known was completely broken.

So here I am the end of my contract with a locked S3 which you’ll want me to pay to get unlocked (By the way – other mobile providers don’t lock their customers phones ) – not that it’s worth it because the S3 you sold me has barely lasted 2 years and Samsung no longer support it. If you are going to lock people into 2 year contracts how about making sure that not only are the phones actually built well enough to make it through the 2 years but that the manufacturer will actually provide software updates for that period

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