Well it looks like the S3 might have been repaired – there’s a package I need…

Well it looks like the S3 might have been repaired – there's a package I need to sign for at the sorting office and the only thing that I'm expecting is the phone so fingers crossed that its made it back to there in one piece… which knowing our postal service will be a minor miracle.

The next big decision is how much to load back into it. JellyBean is due out soon and will no doubt need a factory reset to get it to work ( Samsung's reply to anything to do with problems on their phone is "Do a Factory Reset") and as the Kies software Samsung provide is far from reliable using it to backup and restore things on the phone is always a complete shot in the dark. So I know that any app I download and configure, and any music or photos on the phone, will get lost so so I bother going through the pain of doing it all just to do it again when JellyBean arrives…

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