Just listened to “The 2nd Law” which is the new album by Muse. 

Not sure what to make of it on a first listen, it seemed slightly disjointed but some of that might have been down to me listening to part of it in the car and then finishing it off at lunchtime on my headphones. One thing is very obvious – its Muse.. no mistaking that at all. Listening to one track I thought I might be listening to a Bond theme tune and it seems that others have made the same comment, and apparently even the band would like it to be too, and when I was listening to another I was reminded of Queen from the "The Game" / "Hot Space" era.

In many ways the album is "classic" Muse but in other ways its very different from their previous albums which is no bad thing really – bands develop and evolve and their sound has to change.

I think I need to listen to it again….

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