Summer is over… it’s official

September 1st and Summer is now officially over.

How do I know? Do I have some special Almanac that tells me? Is it all based on folk lore? Is it because the schools went back today?

Nope, its none of those.

I know Summer is over because when I went to our local Sainsbury’s supermarket, to pick up a few things, all the “Summer” related products such as BBQs, charcoal, lighter fluid, disposable picnic plates etc., have all vanished. Gone as if they never existed. All gone and replaced with something else.

So what “Season” is it now? Is it Autumn, Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness ? No… I’m afraid not.

It’s “Back to School” Season. What ever that is. Not everyone has children of school age and this obsession shops have with things like this just depresses me.

Still it could be worse, it could be Christmas (I think that’s in a couple of weeks).

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