Internet on the Boat

Kathy and I spent the weekend on the boat on the moorings. We couldn’t go any where because the canal is closed due to a breach on one of the embankments and so they’ve closed all the locks to stop boats moving and hopefully to keep the water levels up until they can get some pumps in to pump water round the section they have had to drain.

My G1 is still away for repair and so I’ve been using Kathy’s old LG Viewty which has some very odd quirks to it and I’m glad its not my normal phone.

There is one good thing with the Viewty in that Linux just recognises it when I plug it in and I can use its 3G modem without installing any software (unlike Windows where you have to install the unbelievably crap LG communications suite.)

When I tried it at home it had crawled because we live in a 3G dead spot, but out on the boat moorings it really flew.

3G speedtest on the boat.
3G speedtest on the boat.

Yes, that really is a 665Kbps download speed. I think if I try it at home I get something like 86Kbits.

So I configured my laptop to share its internet connection and we actually were both surfing the net at the same time. The only down side is that the 3G stack seems to choke if you ask it to do more than a couple of things at once.

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