I’ve had an Adroid G1 on T-Mobile for quite a bit now and I quite like it, its got a lot of good features but one huge problem with it is the damned battery life. Like its terrible.

I found I can make it last longer by turning off 3G unless I know I’m in a good 3G signal area. My part of Cheltenham is lousy and sitting on the table at home it will often lose data connectivity completely.

But the other day I stumbled upon TasKiller which is a totally free app in the Google Market Place.

So what does it it do?

Well it kills apps, pure and simple. When you “quit” an application on the G1 you’re not really quitting, its just swapping things round. Now some of these apps don’t really cause problems but others, like the built in email app, seem to hog resources.

After installation you simply start it up and it shows “idle” apps in white and active apps in yellow. Short clicking on an app kills it, if you long click on it then you can either switch to it, or you can add it to an ignore list.

The ignore list is very clever because one of the features of TasKiller is you can kill all running apps except those that are on your ignore list.

So that’s a quick overview of what it does. It doesn’t sound like a lot but it really makes that battery life last longer.

If you’ve got a G1 then get this app, seriously.

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2 Responses to TasKiller

  1. Paul Simpson says:

    I was told by T-Mobile today that they have stopped making the White G1?????

    • Steve says:

      I’ve no idea, I’ve got the black one, I didn’t like the looks of the white one.

      I think that the T-Mobile store in the Regents Arcade in Cheltenham had the white one on display when I went in the other week to see if they sold batteries for the G1 (which they didn’t).

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