Eli Stone

When Eli Stone first aired on Sci-Fi neither Kathy or I really showed any interest in it for some reason or another, maybe we weren’t in the mood or something else was on TV at the same time.

But this past week Sci-Fi has been re-running Series One as a precursor to airing Series Two which starts next week and we’ve been watching it and I have to say that its actually quite good and I think that the person who decided to commission the series went out on a bit of a limb. Its whole premise is different and the show is quite light hearted in places with some wonderful lines and nice little set pieces but at the same time it actually can be quite serious.

I have been doing other things too, no honestly I have

I’ve finally properly released my Last.FM Widgets Plugin for WordPress which is something I’ve been meaning to do for some time and I’m going to try to actively develop it because there are a few things that I had to fudge to get it working properly which could do with tidying up.

I’ve also been coding more bits of the Canalplan integration project and I’m hoping to get some of that released into the wild soon but some of that depends on Nick and his changes to his Database structures.

I’ve upgraded the Pub Night Council Web Site to the latest version of the Wikimedia software. This meant revisiting the code that drives all the added functionality because of the way Wikimedia changed how the parser has to be called which really wasn’t helpful but hopefully they wont change it again.

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