United Airlines – Fly the Unfriendly Skies : Part Two

Early in June after battering my head against the wall over the fiasco with United Airlines and their inability to refund money they took from us I found that their refunds department now had an email address rather than a fax number( which they didn’t want to let people have). You CANNOT phone the refunds department… oh no, that would be too easy. So I sent them an email explaining everything and giving details so that they could process the refund properly and give us our sodding money back.

They never replied, hell they never even acknowledged that they had received the email.

So I sat and waited.

It’s now July 10th and they haven’t done a thing.

I notice that their refunds department now no longer has an email address on the website. So they now CANNOT be contacted by any other way than snail mail. I think this says a lot about them – their refunds department is not contactable easily or in any dynamic way at all.

So I’ve now written a long letter to their Customer Services department. Not that I expect them to do anything.

Next step is the president of the company : Glenn F. Tilton. I bet he doesn’t have an email address either, or maybe I should try Graham W. Atkinson who is “Executive Vice President and Chief Customer Officer”

United Airlines have basically committed fraud against us – they have stolen money from us and refuse to return it.

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