I said I’d write more about Maine when  i got home.

That was a month ago. I’ve not even gone through the 600+ photos I took and worked out which ones to upload to Flickr so I can include them in here.

So what have I been up to?

Well I’ve upgraded WPMU that this site uses and debugged someones WPMU plugin to get it to work with subdirectories.

I’ve also been recoding the Canalplan tagging code so that it works properly as a plug in without having to edit core WPMU files. Also I had to recode some of it to cope with the Global Tags plugin because it lost track of the blog it should have been pulling the information from. This means that Global Tags that pull back mapped / logged entries actually work and display the summary information and / or the map rather than blank spaces.

It was my birthday yesterday… 42! Good God. It hardly feels like yesterday when we were doing the Gloucester Road Pub crawl for my 30th birthday and I remember half the people wanting to watch England crash out of the Euro competition… which they did!

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