Cinco de Mayo

“Over 100 years ago, France started a war with Mexico.  In the Mexican city of Puebla, two forts blocked the advance of the French troops.  There were about 6,000 French and 2,000 Mexican soldiers.  The Mexicans were under the command of General Ignacio Zaragoza.

On May 5, 1862, the French attacked the two forts.  Before the day was over, one of the forts was destroyed and more than 1,000 French soldiers were killed.  The Mexicans had won the battle.  This battle is known as the Battle of Puebla.”

So what has that got to do with me and Maine?

Simple – we had a day out yesterday and as part of the thank you for driving us down to New Hampshire Kathy and I treated our friends to supper at “On the Border”  – a Mexican restaurant.

Me, being a simple Englishman had no idea that May 5th was a special day, and I’d been confused in the morning when I’d heard the DJ on the radio ( 102.5 – The Peak ) in the morning saying it was Cinco de Mayo.

Maine, of course, has almost no Mexican population but I guess any excuse to drink and eat too much!!

It was actually quite enjoyable.

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