Why Do People…

vandalise other peoples property?

Heading out today after the frost had cleared I noticed that the windscreen on my Saab 95 Estate has been smashed. It was OK when I parked it at 6:20 on Friday evening but I didn’t use it over the weekend and the weather was so bad I didn’t notice it as I was dashing in and out to my other car over the weekend.

Some low-life has wacked the windscreen right in the middle of the drivers side – windscreen is broken beyond repair so I’ve got to get it replaced.

This is the second time that I’ve had a window smashed in recent months. The previous time it was my other Saab (a 93) which was wacked on the passenger side.

The cars are usually parked on opposite side of the road and in both cases the vandalism has been on the road side of the vehicle – so I guess they just drive (or cycle) down the road and smash windscreens as they go.

The police have been informed but what can they do – the yobs in Cheltenham seem free to roam around doing what they like and the police seem incapable of stopping them.

So that’s another expense I didn’t really want – especially coming up to Christmas.

So thanks a bunch who ever did this. Serves me right for living near the cess pit that is Whaddon I guess

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