It’s raining cats

Well the week at work seemed extremely long for some reason. Maybe the three day weekend on the boat made it seem that way, or maybe its just work.

Tuesday Night the Out Of Town Pub Night Group  went to The Fleet Inn at Twyning which was very pleasant : three Real Ales, and staff who were very friendly (like actually asking before last orders if we wanted to get one last beer in!).

Today we’ve been just working on the house – tidying it up and moving things round. Stuff needs doing outside but, once again, it is raining so its just general pick up and throw away inside. Of course all the cats are helping out – supervising mostly but from time to time deciding that something we are moving is a suitable target for a pouncing attack

Its going to be a short week as we are off on the boat again for the Bank Holiday weekend – the parents are coming down from Wigan and we are going to do the trip south again, primarily because its easy and doesn’t involve doing the 15 locks at Audlem… twice!

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