PHPBB Mods – why the hell do we bother?

I’ve coded up a couple of mods for phpbb


The total down loads of these two mods is not huge but its not zero.

There was a bug in the Registration Variable MOD that no-one noticed.. or if they did notice they didn’t think to tell me.

If I download a MOD, especially a new one, I always try to comment on it, even if there aren’t any problems.

The people running PHPBB are wondering why people aren’t submitting MODS to their MODS database.

I suspect the answer is apathy. A lot of mods are coded up by people because they want to fix a specific problem or add a specific feature to their board. As an act of goodwill they release the change as a mod so that others can benefit. Those others take that code and then don’t bother getting back to the author if there are bugs or obvious enhancements.

Maybe its about time a lot of people using PHPBB put something back into the PHPBB community rather than just leaching off it all the time.

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