Its lunch time – I’m sitting here watching the horses canter round the field and I can see a small group of tourists walking along the top of the Malvern Hills.

Its so much quieter here than in the Birmingham Business Park, the scenery is much better too, and there are several good pubs within a short commute.

So apart from work what have I been doing? Not doing the kitchen renovations if you must know – the disaster that is the window (Thanks a bunch Cheltenham Council for using jerry builders to build the Priors Farm estate) really is a big disincentive. I’ve also been doing some coding on an extension to CanalPlan which should implement social networking, blogging and “tracking”. OK its not going to do all of that to start off with but…

Of course this means me learning how to handle sessions in PHP and interfacing PHP with a Database. Still its all good fun (!).

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