Why bother….

… having a website and an email form for enquiries/quotes if you are not going to respond?

I recently emailed a garage that specialises in gearbox work for a quote to replace the Governor seals and accumulator springs on my Saab 9000 autobox because at 120,000 miles I’m starting to get the odd problem (like the gearbox starting in 2nd and then shifting down to 1st).

The procedure to do this is actually quite simple (if you think removing the wheel, hub, wing lining and the end of the gearbox is simple) but I dont have the time, the patience or the necessary workspace to do it myself.

So I fill in the form asking them to quote for the specific work that needs doing… do they reply? Silly question I know – and you just know that the answer is NO.

So why bother putting the sodding form there in the first place. Its all well and good having an internet presence but it doesn’t work if you just sit on your fat laxy arse and dont do anything

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