Out with the old …. and in with the New

Its time to say goodbye to the Renault Megane RT Sport DTi:


First registered in 1999 old age has suddenly started to catch up on it.

The MOT was due and I knew it needed:

  • Driver side passenger door fixing (wouldn’t unlock)
  • New Windscreen washer motor
  • 4 new Tyres
  • Full wheel alignment.

Also it was wallowing going round bends – OK I know its a French car so it tends to wallow like a warthog but it was getting noticeably worse and I suspect the roll arm bushes were shot.

Add to that the fact that I’ve got through 3 front wheel bearings in the past 18 months (probably due to the hubs starting to wear out), and that there was corrosion on the rear wheel arches which was creeping onto the cills and it was really starting to look like a bottomless pit.

So it’s being scrapped and is being replaced by:


Which is a Volvo S60 D5

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